Say Hello To The World's Newest Color.

There’s a new color in town, although it might be a little hard for you to ask for it. YInMn blue is the beautiful new color’s name, but I think, when needed, we’ll just ask for, “that new blue color.” It was created by accident while chemists were working on a project at OSU. YInMn will be going on sale and has a few amazing qualities. The compounds that make up YInMn blue are extremely durable and stable so it won’t fade. YInMn blue can keep your home or your office cooler by reflecting 40% of infrared energy, that means a lower air conditioning bill (something everyone here in Arizona loves to hear). Zero toxic ingredients are contained in the color, which makes it safer to use than any other blue pigment. Let’s welcome YInMn blue to the wonderful world of interior design! 

Lidda DesignComment