7 Inexpensive Improvements To Make Your Home Feel New

Yearning for something new, but can’t exactly afford a new home right now? Here are 7 quick, inexpensive, home improvement ideas you can knock out this weekend to give your home a fresh feel. 

1. Wall mount hooks above your kitchen counter to hang measuring cups, dish towels or small pots. 

2. Do away with those bottles of Dawn or hand sanitizer and the mess they can leave when they drip, by hiding them in your new built-in soap dispenser.

3. Paint your front door. A fresh coat of paint’s never hurt anybody. Give your door some character or turn it into a bold new one (make sure your HOA allows it first).

4. Replace your cabinet knobs with trendy new ones, it’s a small way to make your kitchen feel new. 

5. Take down those old rusty numbers, stop paying for your address to be painted on the sidewalk every year and install these very stylish numbers instead.

6. A fun project you can do with the kids is turning a louvered shutter into a mail sorter. You can use your leftover door paint to come up with fun designs. 

7. Add these lights underneath your cabinets to shine down on your counters. Stick them inside your cabinets to help you find your favorite exercise water bottle or use them to accent your wine glasses. They can go anywhere!

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