5 "To-Dos" Before The First Monsoon Storm Hits.

It’s officially the first day of summer. Sure, we’ve had 100 degree days back to back for the last few weeks, but from now until September you can’t complain about them (is that how it works? I don't know). Anyway, we’re 5 days into monsoon season, but now with the heat ramping up & the storms brewing in Mexico it’s time to discuss a few ways to keep your home safe during the storms. 


Trim Your Trees

It seemed like you couldn’t turn on the news last year without seeing another tree blown over into someone’s home or on top of their brand new car. Prevent your tree from being uprooted by the intense monsoon winds by thinning them out, allowing the gust to blow through the branches without much resistance. Also, trim branches away from your home just in case of a lightning strike. 


Repair Your Roof

Tree branches banging against it, hard wind gusts blowing shingles, heavy rain beating down on it. Getting your roof inspected and fixed before the storms begin could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Look for a roofer who offers emergency after-hour services as well. Better safe than sorry.


Don’t Forget Your Filters

Dust storms are brutal during the monsoon. You don’t want to be caught driving through one (please follow the safety steps in you find yourself in one.) You also don’t want to become a victim of one while sitting in your own home. Air conditioning units with prevent dust from getting into your ducts, but if dust were to make it’s way through and builds up you could end up overworking your AC and your bank account. Replace your air filter once a month to stop this from happening. 


Big Clean For Bugs

Get everyone together and clean out your garage/shed. Remove as much clutter as you can because mixing the heat of your enclosed garage/shed with the dampness and humidity after a storm will turn your home into a perfect vacation spot for all kinds of pests. Creating a clutter free area will give them less places to hide and possibly startle you or someone else in your home. 


Free Yourself Of Floods

Check your backyard for any drainage issues. Flooding can occur in as little as 5 minutes during a monsoon. Standing water can seriously jeopardize the health of your lawn and plants, it also invites mosquitos - which nobody ever wants. Invite a full-service landscaping company out to inspect your yard. If you can’t afford to have them help they’ll at least offer some advice on what you should do to prevent flooding. Purchase several sandbags to have on hand in case of an emergency as well (some neighborhoods organize and free sandbag handout during monsoon season, check and see if yours offers that service).

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