How To Become The Tucson Yard Sale Master

“All of this stuff NEEDS. TO. GO!” that’s the thought you have just before dedicating yourself to waking up at the crack of dawn (or even earlier for you super dedicated sellers). If you’re really committed to freeing yourself of these items that are cluttering up your home, truly committed to making some extra cash for some summer fun then I say you should approach your weekend yard sale like an interior designer staging a home. Anyone can go, set out some tables and put things on it, but you want to put two hands on the collar of people’s shirts and pull them into YOUR sale (figuratively of course, I don’t think you’ll make enough at your yard sale to pay for lawyer fees). Here are some ideas to make your yard sale stand above the rest. 

Your sign:

It’s time to get creative. Stand out from the other signs and grab people’s attention by painting your yard sale sign with bold colors, get a little crazy but make sure it remains legible. You can attach balloons to your sign and also use those same color balloons at your home so people know yours is the yard sale with the cool signs.



Put your best items closest to the curb, like a store placing their most popular items in the window. They're there to stop you in your tracks and make you come in. Place some great stuff the husbands would like (maybe that dart board you never use) up front as well. It’ll give them something to be distracted by while the rest of the browsing takes place.



Nobody said you couldn’t decorate a little. A well organized, stylish setup is pleasing to the eye - it stirs up feelings of happiness and makes people want to spend money. Try covering your tables in a trendy table cloth. Use baskets that match to hold some items or wrap shoeboxes you have laying around in a wrapping paper that compliments your table cloth. Make sure your prices are visible, it’s frustrating having to keep asking what the cost of items are. Label each item with a fun homemade tag (labeling sections can fail you when someone is looking at an item and doesn’t put it back in the right spot).


Customer Service:

Have a box that you throw a bunch of free items in that you desperately want to get rid of. Place this box near items you really want to sell, it’ll draw customers to that area and hold them there while they search through the box - giving them more time to stare at your items for sale. Set-up free coffee, again it makes people linger around, giving you a chance to talk with people and possibly talk them into buying more things. Try out a bin of snacks you can sell for cheap and make even more money. A coloring table for people who come with their little ones is another idea to consider. Having the coloring table to distract the kids will give the adults more stress free time to look around. 

There you have it, a few ideas for “staging” your yard sale this weekend. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

Lidda DesignComment