4 Ways To Tell If Your New Neighbor Is From Tucson

4 Ways To Tell If Your New Neighbor Is From Tucson

Did you just get a new neighbor on your street with some interesting design styles? They might be from Tucson, Arizona - here are 4 ways to check. 


1. They have a sculpture of some bizarre wildlife you’ve never seen, around their yard. Don't worry, these are Javelinas-best known for jogging across the street late at night scaring the life out of you. 


2. They have a wall of nothing but sunset pictures. That’s just something we do in Tucson. If there’s a beautiful sunset happening you can guarantee that your Instagram feed (@liddadesign) or your snapchat story (…..@liddadesign) will be filled with everyone’s photo of the same sunset. 


3. Every window on their house is covered with a sunscreen. It’s just something we have to do here if we don’t want our air-conditioning bill to be insanely high every month (It’s Tucson, summer starts in late April and goes until mid October.) Be warned that you can’t see inside, but they can see outside. 


4. While the rest of the neighborhood is discussing how to make their grass greener your new neighbor is asking where they can get more Apache Red decorative rock because theirs is fading. 

Go introduce yourself to this strange new neighbor because people from Tucson are some of the best people in the world.