5 Movie Kitchens To Be Inspired By.

5 Movie Kitchens To Be Inspired By.


1.) Something’s Gotta Give

This late night pajamas and pancakes party took place in a very lovely kitchen. Pay attention to the splash of color on the island to break up all of the white in the room. I also love the little accents (flowers & fruit) which add more color.

2.) Sex And The City 2

    Well this is a familiar scene isn't it. Trying to bake, control the kids while also trying to help somebody else solve their problems over the phone, the joys of being a mother. Fortunately, all the white in her kitchen is pretty calming (that or it’s all those delicious cupcakes). The white bevel subway tile above her stove is perfect as well. 

3.) Mrs. Doubtfire

    Probably one of my favorite movie kitchen scenes ever, I wouldn't say the same for those countertops though. I do like the glass cabinet door as well as that stove, just be careful with your clothes near an open flame ;) 

4.) The Help

    Well if this isn’t a Pinterester’s dream then I don’t know what is. There’s a bunch  of retro inspiration in this photo you could incorporate into your kitchen. We have an inspiration board on our Pinterest page that can even help you with choosingyour wallpaper. 

5.) Jurassic Park

    You’d think the kitchen would be one of the better places to fight off some dinosaurs - you have fire, knives.....ladles? Stainless steel can always find a home in any kitchen, just please be careful with your claw marks.